Root Canal Therapy - Tomball, TX

An Effective Way to Eliminate Tooth Pain

Here in the Tomball area, one of our top goals is to help our patients maintain a complete smile. However, this becomes difficult if a tooth is found to be severely damaged and/or bacteria have infiltrated the inner “pulp” chamber. Thankfully, we offer root canal therapy with up-to-date equipment and technology. This in-depth restorative service leaves your hurting tooth healthier, stronger, and ready to last a lifetime. Read on or give our office a call today to learn more about root canal therapy in Tomball!

Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

a patient requiring root canal therapy in Tomball

In some cases, the need for root canal therapy may not be apparent. That’s why attending regular check-ups with Dr. James Geer and his Tomball dental team is so important. Digital X-rays and a comprehensive visual examination give us the information we need to diagnose the possible necessity for root canal treatment.

However, noticeable symptoms may include:

The Root Canal Process

an illustration of root canal therapy in Tomball

You’re likely familiar with the white portion of your tooth that shows when you smile known as enamel, but what about below the surface? There’s calcified tissue known as dentin, and then, the inner pulp that contains blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves. While these elements are crucial during the tooth’s initial development, the tooth can survive without them after development due to the surrounding gum tissue.

If your tooth’s pulp is infected, root canal therapy is necessary. Before beginning any work, we’ll first ensure your mouth is completely numb with a local anesthetic. Dr. Geer will then access the inside of the tooth and thoroughly clean out the pulp and infection, replacing it with a biocompatible material that’ll seal the area to minimize the chances of further entry by bacteria. Finally, we’ll restore any lost structure with a brand-new, quality dental crown. Most patients find that root canal therapy alleviates the significant discomfort of infection in just one visit, and the procedure itself is as comfortable as getting a filling placed.

The Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

a woman smiling after root canal therapy in Tomball

Root canal therapy is a safe dental treatment that prevents more serious oral health problems later on. Here are several benefits you can expect to appreciate from this procedure: