Preventive Dentistry for Tomball Families

When it comes to maintaining great oral health for life, prevention is key. That's why, in addition to regular brushing and flossing at home, Dr. James Geer, strongly recommend attending regular appointments at our Tomball dental office. We can provide in-depth evaluations and refreshing cleanings, as well as any needed preventive measures maintain the structure and vitality of your smile. These may include:

Dental Hygiene & Checkups

Dr. James Geer recommend that patients of all ages attend at least two appointments at our Tomball area office a year, or one every six months. These important visits allow our team to fully understand the state of your oral health at any given point and identify areas of damage or decay as early as possible so that treatment is quick and effective. An in-depth cleaning will also nicely refresh your smile, cleaning away any dangerous plaque and tartar for a polished look.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Do you struggle with facial pain, morning headaches, or teeth that feel and look worn-down? These are common signs of bruxism, also known as teeth grinding. Many patients struggle with this condition because it occurs while they’re asleep, but that doesn’t mean they have to be stuck with it. Dr. James Geer provide patients with a customized nightguard to be worn comfortably during sleep. By having a barrier that protects teeth and minimizes the effects of grinding, patients can rest easy.


Helmets and knee pads may be common when it comes to playing sports – but what about the mouthguard? Studies show that nearly 40% of sports injuries involve the face, while up to 39% of all dental injuries are related to athletic activity. The last thing you or your child needs to be worrying about during your favorite activity is whether your smile may be damaged as a result. That’s why are available at the store, a custom-made appliance provides the most ideal fit. Sportsguards have even been shown to reduce the severity of concussions in some cases! 

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer may not be as well-known as cavities or gum disease, but that doesn’t mean its effects aren’t staggering. Nearly half of patients diagnosed with oral cancer this year will go on to live no more than five years. The bright side is that successful treatment is possible with early diagnosis. That’s why Dr. James Geer strongly recommend making an oral cancer screening with OralID at our office a part of your regular appointments. OralID’s fluorescence technology utilizes a blue light to easily distinguish between healthy and potentially cancerous cells, allowing us to help patients pursue a concrete diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.