Emergency Dentistry in Tomball, TX

By definition, an emergency happens unexpectedly. Even if you’re prepared with a plan of action, an emergency can be a frightening, unnerving and often inconvenient occurrence that upends your life for a while. Dr. James Geer and their dedicated team in Tomball are at the ready to help you or a loved one handle the difficulty of your dental emergency with immediate care.

Step #1

We know it sound trite, but the first thing you need to do in case of a dental emergency is remain calm, so you can think more clearly. Next, call your Tomball dentist at (281) 357-4337 and describe your emergency to one of our staff. We can often see emergencies within hours of your initial call, and in some cases where time really matters even less time than that.  If you are already a regular patient, then you have 24-hour access to our doctors. And when you call, you will be speaking to a member of our staff—not an answering service.

Preventing a Dental Emergency

While Dr. Geer has the expertise to handle your dental emergency, they’d prefer to help you avoid one in the first place. One of the best ways to do that is by wearing a mouthguard during sports activities. We will custom-fit a mouthguard that is comfortable and not distracting so you can play your best. A mouthguard not only protects your teeth, lips, gums and tongue, but has also been shown to decrease the likelihood of a concussion.

Treatment from your Emergency Dentist in Tomball

Probably the most recognizable dental emergency is an avulsed, or knocked out, tooth. This is the dental emergency where time is of the essence. If you can get to our office within 30 minutes of the accident, then one of our dentists may be able to save your tooth.

To preserve the tooth, take the following steps:

Other urgent cases that are seen by your Tomball emergency dentist include toothaches, broken teeth, and chipped teeth. Not sure if your situation is a dental emergency? Don’t wait to see if pain worsens. Please call our office and we will be able to offer advice and schedule a same-day appointment if necessary.

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