Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants in Tomball

No one should have to suffer with lost teeth. Dr. James Geer in the Tomball area can provide you with the reconstructive solutions you need to regain a complete, healthy smile. While every patient has unique needs, we typically recommend dental implants as the ideal treatment option for tooth replacement due to their revitalizing health benefits and sturdy, seamless, lifelike quality. Better yet, Dr. James Geer can handle your entire implant procedure in-office instead of relying on outside specialists, resulting in a smooth and comfortable experience.

Your Dental Implant Placement

The secret behind dental implants is their overall structure. While more traditional reconstructive options replicate the crown of the tooth (the white, visible portion that makes up your smile), dental implants also replace the tooth root. Though hidden, your tooth roots play a vital role in keeping your jawbone and gum tissue full and healthy, and without them, the tissue begins to deteriorate leading to additional tooth loss and cosmetic concerns. Dental implants prevent these issues and give you a complete smile that’s both healthy and beautiful.

Once we’ve carried out an evaluation and determined that you’re a viable candidate for implants here in Tomball, your implant procedure begins with surgical placement into the jawbone. Patients then require a few months of healing time, during which their new implant(s) will form a bond with the natural tissue. A follow-up appointment allows Dr. James Geer to attach abutments that connect your implants to new dental restorations.

Your Dental Implant Restoration

Once your mouth has successfully healed, our Tomball team designs and places your brand-new, permanent restorations, completing your implant procedure. In the cases of a single implant, a porcelain crown will be used. For more extensive reconstructive work, a personalized implant-retained prosthetic can restore several teeth or even an entire arch with an exceptional amount of stability and confidence.

There are no frustrating rules or requirements to follow with dental implants – you can eat and practice oral hygiene at home like normal. In fact, as long as they’re cared for properly, implants can last for the rest of a person’s lifetime. Contact our Tomball area dental practice today if you have any questions about our services, or if you’re ready to schedule an implant consultation.