Improving Tomball Smiles with Restorative Dentistry

No one should suffer with teeth that are badly decayed or damaged. Instead, turn to Dr. James Geer here in the Tomball area for the advanced restorative dentistry options your smile needs to regain its former glory. Whether you’re facing a common cavity or a tooth that’s missing altogether, our team looks forward to helping you. 


For hundreds of years, patients who’ve suffered from severe tooth loss have found the renewed structure and relief they need with dentures. Today, many people still prefer their convenience and affordability. Our team can create a custom-made full or partial denture that’s ideal for your unique smile, replenishing lost gaps to give you back the natural, durable look you’ve been missing. Implant-retained dentures are also available for those who may prefer a more secure fit!

Oral Surgery

Here in the Tomball area, patients will be pleasantly surprised to learn that our team can perform many of the surgical procedures other dentists would typically need to refer to outside specialists. Are you interested in using dental implants? Do you need a tooth extracted to protect your overall oral health? We can help with these services and more, making sure to always treat you to a smooth, comfortable experience along the way.

Traditional Dental Crown & Bridge

Dental crowns are a common option when it comes to restorative care; they can effectively treat cases of dental decay that are too severe for a filling as well as lost teeth, root canal treated teeth, finalize dental implants, and even purely cosmetic issues. We’re happy to offer crowns crafted from high-quality porcelain and other tooth-colored materials that repair your smile seamlessly.

Dental bridges are available as a sturdy, natural looking option for replacing one or more missing teeth in a row, if there are healthy teeth on either side of the gap. Crafted from fused-together replacement “bridge” teeth, your new bridge is securely anchored in place by crowns bonded to the surrounding teeth, giving patients a durable, permanent smile solution.

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Additional Restorative Dentistry Options: