Learn Important Terms for Dental Implants

October 11, 2017

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Model of dental implantAre you ready to stop feeling insecure and living with the challenges of tooth loss? That is great! You have made the choice to invest in your oral health and quality of life with dental implants. While you are excited to regain a complete smile, you are also a bit apprehensive and confused about the procedure. The terms your dentist is using may seem like a foreign language, further adding to your anxieties. To give you the peace of mind and understanding you need, there are a few key terms you need to know before your treatment.


The abutment acts as a connector piece between the dental implant post and the crown. After the jawbone has fused to the implant post, it is attached using a minor surgery. In about two weeks, the gum tissue will heal around it to seal out bacteria while also creating a natural-looking appearance.


Your mouth has two arches: the maxillary dental arch (top) and the mandibular dental arch (bottom). They are necessary for the bone and soft tissues that support the teeth.


A bridge is used to fill the space of several missing teeth. Essentially, it bridges the gap using prosthetic teeth. There are several different types that can be used, such as one that is tooth-supported using dental crowns or one that is resin-bonded, which is bonded in place using a special material. However, when referring to the procedure, it is implant-supported, which means dental implant posts are used to hold it in place.


Often, a dental crown refers to a custom-made cap that is placed over a damaged tooth to add a protective barrier. However, it also refers to the dental prosthetic that is used to replace the missing tooth. It will be made to match your exact specifications, including the size, shape, and color, to fill the empty space.

Implant Placement

This involves the first phase of the treatment. The gum tissue is opened to expose the jawbone. This allows the implant posts to be placed into it. Then, the tissue is closed, and the healing process begins. Over the next few weeks, your jawbone will naturally fuse to the implant post.

Implant Restoration

This is the final phase of the treatment that is needed to replace the crown of the tooth with a prosthetic. The process involves taking images and impressions to create your custom-made crown, which is then attached to the abutment.

Get a Complete Smile Today!

You do not have to live with the challenges of tooth loss. You can make a true investment in your confidence and quality of life with dental implants. To see if you are a candidate, you will need to schedule a consultation with your dentist.

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