Dentist in Tomball Offers Tips to Prepare for Oral Surgery

April 25, 2017

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Your dentist in Tomball has the tips you need to prepare for oral surgery.If you have recently been scheduled to have an oral surgery, you may be a bit hesitant about the procedure. You are sure to have plenty of questions regarding preparation and the recovery process. As your dentist in Tomball, Dr. James Geer understands your concerns. He wants you to feel at ease about the procedure to promote a stress-free recovery. He has the tips you need to prepare for oral surgery to make the recovery process easier.

Preparation for Oral Surgery

Prior to undergoing the procedure, contact your insurance company to ensure all the necessary documentations is in order to prevent unexpected expenses. In addition, you will need to prepare for the day of your surgery and after you come home.

You will need to make transportation arrangements to and from your procedure. Contact a family member or friend who can take you to your appointment and bring you home. After your procedure, the effects of the sedation or anesthesia may cause you to feel drowsy. Ask them to stay with you for a few hours until you are feeling better.

After your surgery, you are going to need to spend the remainder of the day relaxing. Be sure to have an area set up where you can immediately come home to lay down. In addition to comfy pillows and blankets, set aside some activities to help keep you occupied, such as books or movies.

During your recovery, you will likely have dietary restrictions for a few days. Go grocery shopping to find some easy-to-chew foods, like puddings, yogurt, and soups. You need to choose foods that will provide you with nourishment while allowing your mouth to heal.

You will likely experience some discomfort after the procedure. Make sure you have plenty of ice packs in the freezer to help with bruising and swelling. Fill any prescriptions provided by the dentist or buy over-the-counter pain relievers to help manage any pain.

Requirements for Oral Surgery

When needing oral surgery in Tomball, Dr. Geer will give you specific requirements that need to be followed both before and after the procedure. In most cases, you will not be able to eat or drink anything at least 12 hours prior to your appointment. Dr. Geer will give you instructions as to what to do immediately before your surgery, such as stopping the use of certain medications.

In addition, Dr. Geer will give you aftercare instructions, such as to avoid smoking and how to keep the surgical site clean. It is important to follow his instructions correctly to prevent any complications during your recovery process.

Your Oral Surgeon for Comfortable Care

Dr. Geer performs several oral surgeries, including wisdom tooth extractions and the placement of dental implants. Dr. Geer has received advanced training to safely perform an array of oral surgeries. You can rest assured you are in good hands with Dr. Geer. Contact out office today to schedule a consultation.


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