When to get Tomball root canal therapy

May 27, 2016

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A throbbing tooth may need Tomball root canal therapy. Sometimes feared, “root canals” comfortably restore abscessed and otherwise failing teeth.

Always investigate a toothache. When a tooth sustains an injury, has several fillings or extensive decay, pain and sensitivity result. Root canal therapy treats symptoms of tooth infection, preserving healthy tooth structure for years of service.

Why choose Tomball root canal therapy?

The soft pulp inside a tooth contains nerves, a blood supply and connective tissue.

Adult teeth function well without this pulp which plays an important role during childhood tooth development.

Comfortable Tomball  root canal therapy  gives the patient with tooth pain, hot or cold sensitivity, darkened tooth color or swollen gums reason to smile. No longer dreaded as an agonizing and long dental treatment, Dr. James Geer accomplish the “root canal” in 2 appointments of about an hour each, leaving an ailing tooth healthy, functioning well and looking great.

What does a Tomball “root canal” involve?

Your Tomball dentist carefully examines a patient who complains of toothache or other symptoms. He exerts gentle pressure on the tooth, visually inspects it and the gum line and also takes digital x-rays. If the pulp of one or more inner chambers, or root canals, appears diseased, the Tomball dentist advises in-office root canal therapy.

After administering local anesthesia to numb the area, the doctor drills a small hole into the tooth, entering the root canal. He uses some tiny files to scrape the canal walls free of infection and debris. He adds antibiotics to the chamber to clear up infection. He fills it with a natural elastic sealant called gutta percha.

Dr. Geer repeats the procedure on the other root canals if necessary, and he puts a temporary filling or dental crown over the tooth to protect it while it heals. He takes an oral impression to fabricate a porcelain crown to cover remaining tooth enamel.  At home, the patient eats a soft diet for a few days and takes over the counter ibuprofen or acetaminophen for mild discomfort as needed.

At the next dental visit, the dentist places the custom crown, adjusting it for bite and alignment. The restoration is complete, conferring great chewing, clear speech and wonderful aesthetics. Preserving a natural tooth strengthens neighboring teeth and the jawbone, too. Plus, the patient does not have to consider bridgework, a partial denture or a dental implant.

Do you have any dental discomfort?

Don’t delay. Get it investigated as soon as possible. Tomball root canal therapy is highly successful and very comfortable. You can trust the expertise of James Geer DDS. Contact their team for an immediate appointment, and get that sick tooth healthy and functional again with Tomball root canal therapy.

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